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A brief history of working class movement in Iran
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Retrogression in the socialist movement of Iran
A brief history of working class movement in Iran

Formation of Struggles and the Early Workers' Unions

The first embryos of the independent movement of the working class of Iran were formed in early 20th century. The first workers' union was established by the print workers in 1905. At that time daily working hours were extremely long and the wages very low The wages that were paid in return for a 14 hours working day could hardly meet workers living costs .Women were earning less than 2/3 of male workers and the children half of women's wages. Thererfore, obviously the first arena of workers' fight with the employers was the struggle for wage increase and reduction of hours of work The print workers who were the vanguards of establishing workers' trade organizations in Iran, during the same year which they established their union, organised Their first strike for the reduction of the working hours from 14 to 10 which ended in workers victory. In that year other strikes occurred including the strikes of the workers of the Fisheries industry for higher wages. A year later the Union of the Tehran Wagons Workers called a strike to protest against dismissal of workers and very low wages .The strike ended successfully for the workers...

Retrogression in the socialist movement

The underdevelopment of a country can be problematic in a number of different ways. The suffering of Iranian people from Socio-econmical and political underdevelopment in Iran is immense. It is due to this underdevelopment, that at the end of the twentieth century, a regime took power in Iran that embodies all the backward ideas of the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, in consequence of this underdevelopment, there has been created a kind of retrogression amongst even those people that call themselves enlighter, radical, revolutionary, left and socialist...