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Retrogression in the socilaist movement of Iran

The underdevelopment of a country can be problematic in a number of different ways. The suffering of Iranian people from Socio-econmical and political underdevelopment in Iran is immense. It is due to this underdevelopment, that at the end of the twentieth century, a regime took power in Iran that embodies all the backward ideas of the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, in consequence of this underdevelopment, there has been created a kind of retrogression amongst even those people that call themselves enlighter, radical, revolutionary, left and socialist. For example, after one and a half centuries, when the populist Utopian Socialism was crushed by Scientific Socialism in Europe, the former has now been revived in Iran. Many supporters of this Utopian Socialism can be found amongst the so-called „socialists“. In addition to those groups, which traditionally represented the right trend, some of the old ultra lefts, which have frequently turned to the Right in every sharp turn in history, have joined the ranks of the supporters of this type of „Socialism“. According to their point of view, socialism is not a matter of working class and proletariat is not the only force that has the mission of overthrowing capitalism and actually establishing socialism. But this task depends on a broad spectrum of classes and stratums. For these socialists, the class struggle is no longer the motive force of history...

A brief history of Organisation of Fedaian (Minority)

At the same time as the growth of capitalist relations at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Iranian working class started to grow. Despite all the obstacles and limits which imperialism and international finance capital had put on the "free" and rapid developement of capitalism in Iran, their influence has caused the capitalist alteration process to take place at a slower rate and the Iranian working class had already grown by the beginning of the 20th century. The first trade unions were founded at the same time during the bourgeois-democratic revolution in Iran called "The Constitutional revolution (1905 - 1911)"...