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The Organisation of Fedaian (Minority) which defends the interests of the working class in particular and from the working class position defends the interests of all toiling masses of Iran, announces it's aims and objectives openly as a programme.

This programme which is in fact the Iranian Workers' indictment against the capitalist system based on oppression and exploitation, a programme which is reckoned as the inevitable conviction document of this system, at the same time, it is the ultimate war declaration on all capitalists and reactionaries who are the defenders of the present deplorable situation and the system based on slavery of the wage labour.

The Organisation of Fedaian (Minority), in order to realise these aims, which are not separate from the aims and interests of the working class, calls all exploited and oppressed workers and toilers of Iran to organise and unite on the basis of this programme.

1. Development of the international trade and production for the world market has created such close relations among all the world's nations that the great proletarian liberation movement inevitably has to be internationalised and has been so since long ago...

What the organisation of Fedaian (Minority) says and wants?
What the capitalist political organisations say and want?

Islamic republic is getting closer to the last moments of its disgraceful life. Masses of Iranian people, once again, have risen to topple the reactionary Islamic republic regime in order to realise their demands and objectives.

It is high time workers, toilers and all the oppressed remember the great lessons of the 1979 revolution and implement them, so that the result of their efforts, struggle and life sacrifice is not wasted again. They must be alert right from now. They must not trust promises...