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Last updated 12.04.2012
Iranian Labour News -No 1

Jailed Iranian labor activist sends open letter to CGT asking for solidarity

One of the founding members of the construction, painters and interior designerss union sent a letter in February 2012 to CGT to condemn the arrest and brutality against a labor activist in Iran...

Blocking road

On September 5th, workers of Khozestan pipe manufacturing plant blocked the road between Ahwaz and Khorramshahr for 2 hours. The action was in protest to 2 months delayed wages and closure of the factory.

Workers on picket line
110 workers of Shahou plant in city of Sanandadj picketed the government offices in the city demanding payment of their delayed wages. They took a similar action 2 weeks ago in response to which government officials promised rapid action towards solving problems. But there is still no action and workers can't wait any more.
Protest at Minoo
100 retired workers of Minoo plant in the city of Khorramdaro picketed the government offices in the city demanding increase of their pension benefits. They lost their jobs during the last days of last year and now are demanding more benefits.
Protest at Dezfool sugar plant

200 workers of Dezfool sugar plant along with their families picketed the new president's office on September 10th demanding payment of their delayed wages and re-opening of the plant.

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