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On the verge of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Organisation of Fedaian(Minority)
Our organisation is about to become 25 years old. Now, as we are going to accomplish a quarter-century of the Organisation of Fedaian(Minority)´s life-struggle, it is worth assessing the organisation´s positive and negative experiences. Because of the role and importance which our organisation has had during this time, we will review this period of its activities and struggles and assess the positive and negative experiences which have been valuable lessons for the Iranian communist movement.
The circumstances under which the Organisation of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas was formed
A scientific and objective assessment of the OIPFG´s struggle, role and importance in the communist and labour movements and of its positive and negative experiences cannot exist, unless we have an exact knowledge of the situation and conditions under which our organisation came into being, and the stage which the communist and labour movement was in at that time. Therefore it is necessary to return to the 1960´s and consider the objective and subjective conditions of this period. This was a period in which the Iranian society witnessed a series of objective and economical changes. The Shah´s regime´s bureaucratic reforms, for instance the Agrarian-Reform, paved the way for the growth and extension of capitalist relations, the ever-growing export of imperialistic capitals and the extension and development of large capitalistic enterprises. So the mode of capitalist production became the dominant mode of production in Iran. Together with these changes in the spheres of economic and production relations, there were other changes which took place in the social and class spheres. Consequently some contradictions were solved, others become weakened and some new ones were created with the death of feudalism...
A brief history of Fedaian (Minority)
At the same time as the growth of capitalist relations at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Iranian working class started to grow. Despite all the obstacles and limits which imperialism and international finance capital had put on the "free" and rapid developement of capitalism in Iran, their influence has caused the capitalist alteration process to take place at a slower rate and the Iranian working class had already grown by the beginning of the 20th century. The first trade unions were founded at the same time during the bourgeois-democratic revolution in Iran called "The Constitutional revolution (1905 - 1911)". The first social democratic cells appeared at this time, and social democratic circles were formed.
Despite the modest numbers of the industrial proletariat, the fact which helped to stimulate the socialist- marxist tendencies and increase the consciousness of the working class, was the Iranian workers connection with the Russian social-democratic movement at the start of this century. Every year, a large number of Iranian workers travelled to Russia in order to find a job and many found work with the Baku oil industry. They became acquainted with Marxism and the organised movement of the proletariat in Russia. When they later on returned to Iran, they continued with their activities as "conscious workers"...